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A True Super Premium Dog Food
Crystal, MN & Twin Falls ID
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I have a 110 lb. Black Lab, over eight years old. This dog has been fed ZinPro for most of the past five years. It was recommended by a breeder of AKC show labs for the outstanding condition needed for show coat condition. I have found that this product helps my Lab to shed less all through out the year. My dog is a moblility Service Dog, constantly in the public eye, and having one not dropping tons of loose fur inside of stores or offices is an important part of being welcome in public places.

One thirty pound bag of food lasts my dog for almost five weeks. We use a Vittle Vault to keep the kibble in to retain freshness once a bag has been opened. I have been involved in dog training and showing for most of my fifty plus year life, and I have found this food product to be one that actually deserves to be called a Premium Dog Food.
Reviews 1-1 of 1

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