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What is the dog eating!?!? It's poop! If you want a fancier, more scientific term, it's called coprophagia. This is a relatively common habit with dogs and especially with puppies. In addition to...
Prepare For Emergencies Now Have you created a pet emergency kit? If not, you should get something put together — just in case.  When you start putting together akit of pet emergency...
Feeding your dog 8.9% Match
Banshee the Chinook and Abby summer in Minnesota wildflowers. These are questions we get a lot from customers — hopefully the answer will help you feed your dogs more easily. WATER Water is the most...
Grizzly the Dachshund photo by Kathleen Riley-Daniels If you are looking for some fun to have with your dog, head up to Gunflint Lodge in Minnesota’s north woods for one of  their Dog Lover’s...

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