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For almost 40 years, Solid Gold has been the forerunner in premium, holistic pet nutrition. Solid Gold specializes in the development of “non-allergenic” products, which work together to enhance total health, boost up the immune system and protect against disease. Solid Gold selects ingredients from around the world to produce foods and supplements, which can be used in conjunction with each other. This promotes a healthful whole body whose systems work in harmony and are enhanced to their maximum potential. The result is increased resistance to disease, relief from pain and an enhanced state of general well-being.

Nature’s Ingredients. Solid Gold’s Formula.
• Premium quality, all-natural ingredients
• No soy, wheat or corn – The most common food allergens for pets are excluded from all of Solid Gold’s formulas
• Whole grains, never broken grains; provide pets with healthy fiber and nutrition
• Balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils – While many dog foods include include only Omega 6 fatty acids, Solid Gold is committed to providing both of these beneficial fatty acids in ratios that enhance overall health and energy while replenishing essential oils in your pet’s skin and coat. Solid Gold never uses sunflower or safflower oils, the unbalanced oils that can actually contribute to stubborn skin and coat problems.
• Fish are included in all of Solid Gold’s diet products because their high levels of fatty acids help improve skin conditions, promote glossy coats, improve organ health, slow the aging process and may even prevent certain cancers.
• Taurine to protect against dilated cardiomyopathy (in dog foods)
• USDA meats
• No beet pulp, fillers, by-products, artificial flavorings, colors or chemical preservatives
Solid Gold Dog Food

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Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Dog Food solid gold, holistique blendz, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $34.99-$54.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

There are many reasons to feed your dog this nutrient rich dry dog food – a search for a healthier lifestyle, those few pounds added, and a lot of birthdays celebrated. Reclaim your dog’s glory days with a healthy dog food that’s rich in nutrients with appropriate levels of the minerals they need less of at this stage of the game. Specially formulated for less active adult and senior dogs, this healthy blend of ocean fish meal, flaxseed, cranberries, blueberries, thyme and lentils is a...

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog Food sold gold, hund-n-flocken, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $35.99-$54.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

Hund-N-Flocken is the first dog food Solid Gold ever crafted and has a special place in the hearts of Solid Gold fans! The holistic and natural ingredients (and the funny-sounding name) were inspired by Solid Gold founder Sissy McGill. Your dog will feast on tender, delicious lamb. Every bowl is a well-balanced meal packed with high-density protein and whole grain brown rice. Every dog deserves a food that does more than fill their belly.

Solid Gold Just A Wee Bit Small Breed Bison/Fish Dog Food solid gold, just a wee bit, small breed, bison, fish, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $18.99-$37.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

With a higher metabolism and a big personality, your little family member deserves natural nutrition and flavor every bit as much as the big guys from puppyhood to adulthood. Solid Gold has crafted a dog food with the perfect balance of fresh bison protein, healthy fats and whole grains into bite-sized kibble for all lifestages.

Solid Gold Millennia Beef & Rice Dog Food solid gold, millennia, beef, barley, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $54.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

For your dog, it’s about high performance. It is about giving your dog a healthy life – the life of a Top Dog. A dog food with a powerhouse of nutrients is just what active dogs need to make it happen. Healthy proteins from beef and ocean fish meal for building strong muscles and whole grains, like barley, to support a healthy digestive system.

Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy Bison/Fish Dog Food Solid Gold, puppy, bison, fish, large breed, wolf cub, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $59.84
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

One day soon, your puppy is going to outgrow every collar in the house. To get your puppy to this lifestage requires a thoughtfully crafted puppy food – controlled levels of calcium for good bone development and the highest quality, fresh bison protein. If your puppy is bound to be big, make sure they’re also bound for greatness.

Solid Gold Wolf King Large Breed Bison/Fish Dog Food Solid gold, bison, fish, wolf king, large breed, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $37.99-$59.84
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

You can bet your dog will happily wolf down this protein-rich, nutritionally balanced bison-based dog food. And no wonder— it’s got fresh, deboned bison, healthy fats, whole grains and vegetables! This dog food is designed to help rebuild and maintain your dog’s muscles and to support skin, coat and digestion.

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous (HT Pollock) Dog Food Solid Gold, Fit & Fabulous, fit, fabulous, Dog Food, Ht, pollock
Price: $59.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

Help your best friend live to the fullest—minus the extra pounds. Fit and Fabulous™, a low-fat, low-calorie recipe, is formulated with fresh-caught Alaskan Pollock that’s high in protein & Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps maintain a healthy weight and avoid the effects of even moderate obesity, including poor bone and joint health, digestive upset, and trouble breathing.

Solid Gold Star Chaser (HT Chicken) Dog Food Solid Gold, Star Chaser, HT, Chicken, Dog Food,
Price: $34.99-$59.99
Availability: In Stock
Solid Gold

Why settle for gazing at the stars, when you can chase them? Star Chaser™ is for dogs who seize-the-day. This meal is formulated with USA-raised chicken (a high-density lean protein that supports muscle strength), brown rice and pearled barley for healthy digestion, and wholesome fruits and vegetables.