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Welcome to Lotus Natural Food for Pets. A unique line of holistic, oven-baked dry foods, and canned stews created for the long, happy life of your favorite dog or cat.

We’re talking high-quality animal proteins like lamb and poultry, whole fruits and veggies, our unique oil blend bursting with omega-3s and 6s, and energy giving carbs like barley and potatoes, all baked into tasty little cookies and savory stews that will have your pet smiling from ear to ear.

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Lotus GF Pork Loaf Canned Dog Food 12.5oz/12 Case Lotus, GF, pork, loaf, Canned, Dog Food, grain free
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USDA inspected lean meats, tender fruits and crisp vegetables, along with other delectable gifts from nature, like flaxseed, evening primrose oil and Norwegian kelp are lovingly simmered together, like your grandmother’s stew on the stove. If Lotus smells good to your olfactory-challenged nose, imagine the feast for the snout your dog is about to enjoy.

Lotus Adult & Small Bite Adult Dog Food Lotus, Adult, Small Bite, Dog Food
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Natural chicken, whole ground brown rice, wholesome fruits and vegetables, and our special blend of soybean, olive and salmon oils—all make our original Lotus dry dog food recipe taste like delicious oven-fresh chicken cookies. The cat is so jealous right now.

Lotus Just Juicy Chicken Stew Canned Cat Food 24/5.3oz Case Lotus, Just Juicy, Chicken Stew, Canned, Cat Food
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Your little buddy is an obligate carnivore. She can’t live without meat. In fact, her ancestors lived in the desert, getting most of their water from their prey. Your kitty’s natural desire for a fresh, meaty meal made us head into our California micro-cannery and create our Just Juicy line — hand-packed USDA inspected and passed meat, poultry or fish (no restructured meat here) in a gravy made from the juices of each. These are just delicious grain-free, single proteins with natural amounts...

Lotus GF Just Juicy Beef Shanks Canned Dog Food 12.5oz/12 Case Lotus, GF, grain free, Just Juicy, Beef Shanks, Canned, Dog Food
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Meat. Your dog loves it. He’s either dreaming of meat, looking for meat, or sitting around wondering why he is not eating meat. We get it. This unwavering carnivorousness is what inspired us to head into our Lotus micro-cannery and create our wildly popular Just Juicy line. Inside each can is just USDA inspected and passed (never any restructured meat here) pork shoulder, beef shank, or goat filet…in just a simple, delicious sauce. And each recipe is made in small batches with local...

Lotus Puppy & Small Bite Puppy Dog Food Lotus, Puppy, Small Bite, Dog Food
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It only looks like all she does is run around and chew on everything in sight. Actually your puppy’s body is working hard at growing. With 27% protein instead of 24% in our already wonderful adult formula, Lotus Natural Puppy Food Recipe provides loads of the highest-quality building blocks your puppy needs for developing strong, healthy muscles. We use wholesome chicken, chicken liver and pollock which contains DHA, the fatty acid used in human baby formula to support normal brain development...