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Solid Gold Leaping Waters (GF Salmon) Dog Food Solid Gold, Leaping Waters, grain free, GF, Salmon, Dog Food
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Dogs don’t hesitate—they jump into life with four paws forward! Leaping Waters™ is a purposefully formulated grain & gluten free meal that encourages your pet to leap without limits thanks to lean, cold water salmon from the Netherlands and farm fresh vegetables like carrots, spinach, and celery.

Solid Gold Natures Harmony (GF Chicken UT Health) Cat Food Solid Gold, Natures Harmony, grain free, GF, Chicken, UT, Health, Cat Food, natures harmony
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A healthy, happy cat's body works with a harmonious rhythm. Combining just the right amount of fresh chicken (a delicious mild protein), fiber-rich peas and potatoes (a highly digestible energy source), this grain and gluten free recipe will have your cat in sync with nature. Each element works in harmony with our Gold Source Core Nutrition, a proprietary blend of powerful nutrients.

Solid Gold Touch Of Heaven (HT Chicken) Kitten Food Solid Gold, Touch Of Heaven, HT, Chicken, Kitten Food
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Cuddle Monster. Cutie Pie. Precious. Something this adorable must be heaven sent. To support healthy growth into and through their prime, they'll need a balance of nutrient-rich ingredients and this formula's got it all. It boasts high-density, lean protein found in chicken to build strong muscles, healthy whole grains to help support healthy digestion and DHA for cognitive development.

Solid Gold Buck Wild (GF Venison) Dog Food Solid Gold, Buck Wild, grain free, GF, Venison, Dog Food
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Whether they’re chasing wild game or wild frisbees, good nutrition keeps your dog’s eye on the prize. Buck Wild™ is a flavorful grain & gluten free meal purposefully balanced with venison from Australia for high-density lean protein, potatoes for highly digestible energy, and nutrient-rich chickpeas and pumpkin.

Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise GF Lamb Dog Food Solid Gold, Sunday Sunrise, sunday, sunrise, grain free, GF, Lamb, Dog Food
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Fuel your early riser with the energy for all-day adventure! Sunday Sunrise™ is a delicious, purposefully crafted grain & gluten free meal with fresh grass-fed New Zealand lamb (full of iron and B vitamins), protein-rich eggs, fiber-rich sweet potato and peas, and super foods including pumpkin, cranberries and kelp.

Solid Gold Hi Protein Duck Dog Food Solid Gold, Hi Protein, Duck, Dog Food
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Empower your best friend with a high-protein food purposefully created to deliver naturally balanced nourishment and fuel your dog’s wildest adventures. Our sustainably raised duck is a nutritious protein that’s naturally rich in vitamins and minerals—especially the iron your dog needs to produce the healthy red blood cells that contribute to organ and muscle health. Every ingredient we include contributes to the balance of your dog’s whole-body health.

Solid Gold GF Shrimp & Tuna Canned Cat Food 6oz Case 16 Solid Gold, grain free, GF, shrimp,  Tuna, Canned, Cat Food
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This grain & gluten free wet cat food is crafted with a carefully balanced combination of ingredients, including shrimp, tuna and tapioca, and served in a flavorful gravy your cat will adore. Our Five Oceans® shrimp and tuna recipe is a nutritionally complete and balanced meal, perfect for both adult cats and growing kittens, and also works well as an accompaniment to dry food or as a tasty treat.

Solid Gold Winged Tiger (GF Quail) Cat Food Solid Gold, Winged Tiger, grain free, GF, Quail, Cat Food
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You’ve got a cat with a killer instinct. Shouldn’t good nutrition be a part of their manifesto for staying focused? Grounded in flavor, this grain and gluten free meal is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like quail (a great source of lean protein), fiber rich pumpkin and our Gold Source Core Nutrition, a proprietary blend of powerful nutrients. Give your tiger the well-balanced nutrition he needs to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Solid Gold GF High Protein Chicken Canned Dog Food 13.2 Case 12 Solid Gold, grain free, GF, High Protein, Chicken, Canned, Dog Food
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If you need more reasons for you and your dog to do a happy dance, this grain & gluten free dog food recipe is blended with just the right amount of protein for both puppies and adult dogs! Sun Dancer® is a nutritional combination of chicken, egg whites and essential vitamins and minerals.

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous (HT Pollock) Dog Food Solid Gold, Fit & Fabulous, fit, fabulous, Dog Food, Ht, pollock
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Help your best friend live to the fullest—minus the extra pounds. Fit and Fabulous™, a low-fat, low-calorie recipe, is formulated with fresh-caught Alaskan Pollock that’s high in protein & Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps maintain a healthy weight and avoid the effects of even moderate obesity, including poor bone and joint health, digestive upset, and trouble breathing.

Solid Gold Lil Boss (GF Turkey) Dog Food Solid Gold, Lil Boss, grain free, GF, Turkey, Dog Food
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Make no bones about who’s the boss in your home—the littlest ones call all the shots. Lil’ Boss is a grain & gluten free meal that’s big on flavor and nutrition and small on kibble size—perfect for small breed dogs. This recipe is crafted with fresh USA-raised turkey (a deliciously mild protein), tapioca and fiber-rich farm grown veggies.