Discontinued Ice Pups 5.5oz Dog & Cat Treats
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    Ice pups are make-at-home grain free treats for dogs and cats. Serve them as a frozen or warm broth homemade treat. Ice Pups come as a powdery mix that needs water added but can be served three ways! During the winter months, add warm water to make a nourishing broth that tastes divine. Ideal after playing in the snow! In the summer, add warm water and chill or serve over ice. You can also freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, puppy-sorbet! Ice Pups are a delicious way to ensure your dogs or cats are getting the moisture they need and are an easy way to increase their fluid intake if needed.
    Dehydrated chicken, turkey, whey, dandelion, asparagus, watercress, honey and parsley
    Protein, 43.70% Fat, 35.52% Fiber, 0.90% Moisture, 4.66%