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Triple Crown Premium Chopped Alfalfa Forage Blend 40lb

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    Triple Crown Premium Chopped Alfalfa Forage Blend 40lb

    Now there's a way to get more out of poor or average quality equine hay. Simply replace all or part of your hay with Triple Crown Premium Chopped Alfalfa Forage Blend. Grown and manufactured with the highest standards. What makes our chopped forage product superior to most others? First, our hay is harvested at the precise, immature, pre-bloom stage of growth. Next, we chop and blend Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, and Orchard Grass with computerized precision. Then we lightly mix in molasses and glycerin while removing any excess dust particles. The result is a highly digestible and consistent forage, ideal for any feeding need.

    Sun Cured Alfalfa, Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass, Cane Molasses, Glycerin, (Proprionic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate (Preservatives)). (Free from Restricted Ruminant Protein Products per Title 21, CFR 589.2000/2001)

    Crude Protein (min.)15.00%

    Crude Fat (min.)2.50%
    Crude Fiber (max.)30.00%
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