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3 in 1 Feeder

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    Pacific Bird's 3-in-1 Feeder is the perfect addition to your birding buffet! With the ability to serve up a menu of mealworms, seed, fruit pieces, peanuts, and suet balls, you will be amazed by the wide-ranging bird activity you'll see in your backyard. The convenience and versatility of this feeder makes wild bird feeding a true joy! For additional information on optimal feed and feeder pairings, please visit our FAQ page.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Simply open each compartment and fill with appropriate feed. It is recommended that this feeder hang approximately five feet above the ground.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: To maintain a healthy feeding environment, clean feeder every two weeks with a mild soap and warm water solution. Not dishwasher safe.

    Benefits include:

    • 3 feeders in 1
    • Easy-to-use, twist-lock system makes refilling and cleaning a cinch
    • Rooftop design sheds rain to keep birds and feed dry
    • Ideal for attracting birds all year long

    Feeding Hints:

    • Keep feeders filled year-round
    • Provide a source of fresh water
    • Place feeders near cover-trees or shrubs
    • Clean feeders regularly

    Size: 7.25" x 6.25" x 19.25". Net Wt. 22.0oz.