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Claire’s K9 Corner - Chicken Feet

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    Claire’s K9 Corner began initially to help out dogs, but since then we have learned even cats can’t resist them. Hmm. Maybe it’s because they are so good!

    As a natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen, our dehydrated & smoked chicken feet will assist in maintaining your pet’s mobility and potential risk of brittle bones.

    What could get more natural than only 1 ingredient? Our chews are made from clean, high quality raw chicken feet. We promise.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    "Was" so excited until....

    I was so happy to finally find chicken feet for my two Great Danes, as I've searched everywhere in my town and online and finally found this site!
    However....once I placed in my cart and proceeded to checkout, I saw that for one order, which according to a different review contains 2 feet, as this info is not listed in the description, the shipping would cost $7.07!! Seriously? To ship 2 very, very light chicken feet to Wisconsin?? It would be the same cost to go to the store and buy them an entire chicken for crying out loud!! So, sadly you lost a good customer! Very disappointed!


    The quality of the actual product is good. My issues are that the on-line description does not indicate origin of the product, i.e., "made in the USA," free range chickens, etc. Nor does it indicate number of feet you are purchasing for $1.00 until you get to checkout. (It turned out to be 2 feet for $1.00, I thought I was getting 1 pound.) The only shipping option was more expensive than the order. For these two reasons it is unlikely I will order from this company again.