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We’ve taken the care to produce the best canned cat food and dog food possible. Not kibble. We want something close to human food! And you’ll notice right away how your pet truly appreciates its freshness and taste. It smells good, it looks fresh. It has texture. And it’s moist. It’s luxurious in the way good, simple, high quality food should be.

Our limited ingredient dog food and cat food is made from 100%-real meat, poultry, and fish – no fillers, substitutes, or by-products. Not only is it real meat, it is humanely-raised, non-GMO, and totally free from hormones, antibiotics, and BPA.

Real, honest, simple food that wouldn’t be out of place on your own plate. No kidding; we’ve tried it. Tastes great! It’s never frozen. Crafted in small batches. In scratch kitchens. And as local as possible.

Identity Canned Dog Food