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PureVita Freeze Dried Minnows Cat Treats

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    Freeze Dried Delights For Cats
    Real Minnows, Freeze Dried into a healthy nutritious reward your cat will love!


    Crude Protein (Min.) 60.0% 600 g/kg

    Crude Fat (Min.) 5.5% 55 g/kg
    Crude Fiber (Max.) 3.1% 31 g/kg
    Moisture (Max.) 8.0% 80 g/kg

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Taos, NM

    All 3 Cats Love These!

    They are approved by all 3 of my cats, who really enjoy them. The minnows also seem well-handled (not crumbly or gooey as I have seen some other brands described), and they must meet that challenging cat smell test, because all 3 cats snarf them right down. It's the only treat I can say that has ever been true of. Unless your cats don't like fish, I'd say give these a shot, they're a hit in my house.


    Minnow loves the minnows!

    I'll fess up right away, Minnow the Chinook is a dog, but he LOVES these 100% minnow treats! I picked some up for Minnow and FTV to try, and their excitement level to get the treats inside the pouch was over the top! This morning I put some of the minnow treats on the dog's breakfast as an added top dressing bonus and they ate those first -- no surprise! I'm planning on using these to encourage bright looks from the animals I'm doing photos of - I'm anticipating some great expressions! If you have dogs, cats or even chickens, you should get these treats.