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For the past 30, TechMix has been innovating, manufacturing and marketing, nutrition products designed to help improve animal health, and performance. Our portfolio of more than 70 all-natural products is specifically engineered to address the time-sensitive nutritional needs of animals when they undergo periods of stress due to life cycle, diet changes or other stressful events. Each product is validated through research to provide the right nutrition at the right time for a range of species with a special focus on companion animals.
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K9 Restart V.F. - Jar 12 oz k9 restart, techmix,
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Many times dogs are sent home from veternarian clinics in the hope that they will continue to eat and drink on their own. Use K9 Restart V.F. to provide critical nutrients and hydration for those times when dogs need encouragement to drink on their own. A highly palatable formula, K9 Restart V.F. ensures that dogs receive vitally important hydration and key nutritional components to aid in recovery while dogs are at home. K9 Restart V.F. provides a blend of electrolytes, carbohydrates,...