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EVO foods were designed to resemble the ancestral diets of dogs and cats and offer a convenient and safe alternative to raw food diets and home preparation.

When compared to other “grain-free” foods on the market that claim to have an ancestral feeding approach, many products continue to incorporate high levels of carbohydrate rich ingredients.

There are two significant benefits to an EVO diet low in carbohydrates…maintaining healthy body weights in pets; and the management of diabetes mellitus.

Common food allergens can include grains such as wheat, soy and corn. EVO foods contain no grains of any type therefore minimizing the potential for food allergies that can result in skin and coat problems and gastrointestinal disease.

EVO has excellent palatability and is highly digestible. This means more nutrients are absorbed into the body, leaving less waste and greatly reducing stool.

EVO foods are energy dense which means that you feed less to meet the pet's daily energy needs. One bag of EVO will feed for a longer period of time and provide more nutrition for the money.
Evo Cat Treat