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While you may be new to Vital Essentials, our formula has been around since 1968. Company founder Gerry Nash is widely regarded by his industry counterparts as the pioneer of the raw pet food diet. Gerry Nash first discovered the benefits of a raw diet while collaborating with nutritionists at national zoos and working with high performance, exotic cats. His formula for real meat, meaty bones and whole organ meats revolutionized the industry and became the benchmark for raw pet food all across the country. Transcending to the world of pet food, Vital Essentials is now leading the way in raw pet nutrition and is proud to be one of only a few pet food companies in the world who are USDA certified. 

Where most mainstream pet foods contain fillers, grains, cereals, and rendered by-products, which are, for the most part, indigestible and therefore provide little benefit to dogs and cats... Vital Essentials is full of the good stuff that pets crave. Fresh high-grade USDA meats, vital whole organ meats, and ground meaty bones make up the perfect recipe for our ultimate, nutritionally balanced and complete diet. Just like Mother Nature intended!

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Food