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Lotus’ oven-baked dry dog food is not just full of protein-rich lamb, poultry and fish, whole veggies and fruits and our special omega-3 and 6-loaded oil blend. It’s made by a process so uncommonly wholesome, it has a after it. It’s called Baked-in Goodness ® (see?). And it’s the reason Lotus is superior to other “healthy” dry dog foods that are extruded.

We make our dry dog food in real ovens like the one in your kitchen (only way bigger). Sure, baking is a painstakingly slow process, but the results are worth it. (Here comes your dog’s favorite part.) All those natural flavors and aromas come through in every little kibble with absolutely no need for sprayed-on fats and flavors.

Lotus Dog Food

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Lotus GF Duck & Small Bite Duck Dog Food Lotus, GF, Duck, Small Bite, grain free, Dog Food
Price: $54.99-$94.99
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Lotus Natural Food for Pets

Sensitive dogs rejoice! At Lotus, we always start with fresh ingredients in their whole, natural form. But with our Grain-Free Duck Recipe, we’ve outdone ourselves. Not only is our grain-free dog food free of grain (you’ve probably picked up on that by now), it’s gluten free and it has absolutely no rice protein concentrate or pea protein concentrate either. Only natural duck, duck meal, fish and eggs are the animal proteins here. And your dog will get plenty of oomph from the complex...

Lotus GF Sardine Pollock & Small Bite Dog Food Lotus, GF, grain free, Sardine Pollock, sardine, pollock, Small Bite, Dog Food
Price: $56.39-$97.99
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Lotus Natural Food for Pets

Contrary to what you learned on Saturday morning cartoons, cats aren’t the only ones who love fish. Dogs are fans too. So we made sure that 40% of Lotus Fish Recipe for Dogs is swimming (ahem) with fresh, wild-caught sardines and pollock—way more than any other dog food. And our sardines happen to be one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). We’re talking so much fresh fish, we didn’t even think of adding fishmeal. And more fish means less ash–only 8% here. Oh, and all this...