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At Precise we strive on Safe. Scientific. Genuine. Qualities and values people demand in the pet food they buy and the pet food company it’s made by. At Precise, experience has taught us that nobody cares more about pets and no one knows more about what they need than pet owners. And we continue to listen to our customers – developing and refining cat and dog food formulations that meet and exceed theirs and our expectations. 

Precise is proudly made in the USA by Texas Farm Products, a family-owned company since 1930 and makers of respected pet food brands.
Precise Dog Food

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Precise Endurance Dog Food 40 lb precise, endurance, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $68.95
Retail: $76.95
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This is our 30% protein, super stamina formula for dogs that need more energy to go the extra mile or have difficulty maintaining weight. Its 20% clarified chicken fat is easily and quickly metabolized. Its carbohydrates are top quality, easily digested whole grains that provide long-term energy. Precise Endurance Formula is also great for feeding during the third trimester of pregnancy and nursing. The added Ester-C brand of Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps working dogs...

Precise Foundation Chicken & Rice Dog Food precise, foundation, chicken & rice, chicken, rice, chicken and rice, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $27.95-$63.95
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Precise Chicken Meal and Rice Foundation Formula, our best selling pet food, is a wholesome, natural food. Made of real chicken meat protein, whole grain carbohydrates, pure chicken fat, and vitamin preservatives, it has been found to be over 90% digestible. We don't know of another food that comes close. The pleasing aroma, texture, and taste of this formula combine to yield exceptional palatability. Inspect it yourself and you'll see what we mean.

Precise Lamb & Rice Sensicare Dog Food 30 lb precise, lamb and rice, lamb & rice, sensicare, lamb, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $57.95
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Precise Item #: 072693383005 -

Precise Sensicare Formula was developed for dogs with food allergies. Therefore, the formula does not contain wheat, corn, soy, beef, or chicken protein. These are the ingredients that dogs with food allergies are most allergic to. However, all lamb and rice diets are not the same. Many dogs that have to be on allergy formulas do not eat very eagerly because they prefer the taste of chicken to lamb. Some dogs develop a dry, flaky skin condition. Precise Sensicare Formula is different. Because...

Precise Large Breed Puppy Food 30 lb precise, large breed puppy, puppy, large, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $54.95
Retail: $61.95
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Precise Item #: 072693381506 -

Because puppies internal organs are delicate and constantly developing, they need nutritious, easily-digestible food. That is why Precise Large and Giant Breed Puppy Formula has chicken meat meal protein, whole grain carbohydrates, and chicken fat. All of these ingredients are more digestible and more nutritious than their cheaper counterparts. We also add Ester-C brand of Vitamin C for the immune system and chelated minerals that are more easily absorbed. And because our foods are preserved...

Precise Senior Dog Food 30 lb precise, senior, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $46.95
Retail: $51.95
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Precise Item #: 072693382503 -

Precise Senior Formula is specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of older dogs, and can help prevent serious problems known to shorten an aging dog's life. It has reduced calories to help dogs maintain their weight and avoid obesity. It also has reduced sodium content to help reduce potentially damaging water build-up around the heart. Yet it does not contain the chemicals found in many dog foods suspected of causing cancer, shortening life, and causing possible damage to internal...

Precise Small/Medium Breed Puppy Dog Food 15 lb precise, small, medium, puppy, Dry, dog food, dog
Price: $32.95
Retail: $37.95
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Precise Item #: 072693381100 -

Puppies are full of energy and playful enthusiasm. The combination of chicken and lamb protein in Precise Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula assists in the growth of all types of tissue. It is designed for weaning puppies of small and medium breeds up to the age of twelve months. Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula is preserved with natural antioxidants to give your puppy a chemical-free start in life. And we add easy-to-absorb, chelated minerals to help build a strong body.