Too many pets are eating foods that are heavily processed and full of ingredients chosen for low price and storage benefits. After spending our lifetimes working with animals Hugh and I knew we could do better. The result is our new Boréal line of pet food, providing you with a balanced, thoughtful grain-free solution so your dog or cat can eat a diet similar to what their ancestors ate. Canadian made using only the best ingredients.

Why did we do this? Too many fat cats and dogs! Hugh is a vet in Ontario and he sees many fat dogs and cats. He blames the ‘pizza and soda’ diet that too many of us have with our busy lifestyles and thinks that while that is a poor choice for people – it is a disaster waiting for your pets. Shifting to a pet food that take your dog or cat longer to digest and one made with ingredients that do not spike blood sugars will go a long way to helping your pet live a healthy life. Hugh and I feel that we can help pet owners feed a more thoughtful diet – and our grain free Boréal will help todays growing obesity issue.