Dr. Tim's is your source for premium, all natural pet foods. Special formulas for dogs and cats of all ages and activity levels. 

Whole Dog Journal Approved Dry Dog Foods 2011-2014. 

Dr. Tim's premium all natural pet food was designed to bring an honest, nutritionally sound kibble - sourced only from North America's highest quality ingredients - to every pet.

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Dr. Tims Metabolite 24lb dr tims, dr. Tims, dog, dry, metabolite
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Dr. Tim’s Metabolite Weight Management Formula uses a novel approach to taking weight off your dog by rethinking the process and turning it into a win/win lifestyle for your pet AND you.Our high levels of protein, complimentary fiber structure and moderate fat content work in tandem with your pet’s natural metabolism to support weight loss. Our formula acts as a lock and key, opening one metabolic route after another to ensure your dog is optimizing their natural ability to burn calories, and...

Dr. Tims Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Food dr. tims, dr. tims, kinesis, Dry, dog food, dog
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Kinesis was developed from our proven performance diet, Momentum Premium Athletic Dog Food. Reformulated as an All Life Stage Formula, Kinesis is a complete, wholesome meal for the dog that prefers to scale the couch instead of Mount Everest. The highest quality, low ash protein ingredients, along with the right blend of carbohydrates, fats and fibers allow your dog to lead a hale and hearty life. Our slow cook method produces a kibble that is extremely digestible, highly palatable and...