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K9 Restart V.F. - Jar 12 oz

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    K9 Restart V.F. - Jar 12 oz
    Many times dogs are sent home from veternarian clinics in the hope that they will continue to eat and drink on their own. Use K9 Restart V.F. to provide critical nutrients and hydration for those times when dogs need encouragement to drink on their own. A highly palatable formula, K9 Restart V.F. ensures that dogs receive vitally important hydration and key nutritional components to aid in recovery while dogs are at home. K9 Restart V.F. provides a blend of electrolytes, carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids to help during the recovery process. For digestive issues caused by stress, travelling, or post-surgery, K9 Restart V.F. contains digestive enzymes that help stabilize the gut and allow it to better absorb essential nutrients. K9 Restart V.F. provides a solution for dogs during recovery, after whelping, or any time at-home hydration or nutritional support is needed
    •High quality plasma proteins to provide balanced amino acid profiles for proper immune fuction and healing •Multiple carbohydrate sources and digestible fats to provide quick and sustained energy •Vitamins and chelated minerals to provide basic micro-nutrient support for dogs with decreased appetites •Probiotics to populate the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria for improved digestion •Acidification to decrease bacterial E coli growth in the intestinal tract •Electrolytes to help rehydrate and speed recovery
    Crude Protein, min........15.00% Sodium (Na), min............0.85% Crude Fat, min.............10.00% Calcium (Ca), min...........0.50% Calcium (Ca), max..........1.00% Phosphorus (P), min......0.40% Potassium (K), min.........0.66% Vitamin A, min.......31,500 IU/lg Vitamin D, min.........5,820 IU/lb Vitamin E, min.........1,110 IU/lb