Smooches Grain Free Chicken/Cran Dog Treats 12oz

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Price: $11.75
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    A part of our new Training Treat line, Smooches® are gourmet, super delicious training cookies made with free range chicken & cranberries to keep your pup engaged while you're trying to teach them to sit, stay—or just behave! And now they're grain free, bite-size and just 8 calories so your pups won't pack on the pounds. Your pup will thank you in smooches, in exchange for Smooches.

    Chickpea flour, chicken, tapioca, molasses, organic virgin coconut oil, cranberries, parmesan cheese

    % PROTEIN 14.0

    % FAT 8.0
    % FIBER 3.0
    % MOISTURE 8.0