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Hair and Saliva Wellness Analysis Kit For Your Pet

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    Test close to 1000 food and environmental sensitivities

    Identify mold, bacterial, viral, chemical, parasitic, and heavy metal toxins

    Identify Nutritional and Hormonal imbalances

    Test levels of stress throughout the body

    Identify natural remedies to balance your pet

    Our pets cannot tell us what hurts or how they feel, but with our thorough testing technique we can understand and assess their health with a non-invasive and affordable option at home. Whether your pet has been experiencing excessive itching, hot spots, lameness, hair loss, fatigue, yeast infections, tick bites, or a wide variety of other issues, let our analysis be the voice your pet doesn't have. Within our testing kit, you'll receive a vial to collect a saliva sample, baggie to collect the hair or nail sample, and a return envelope. Once we receive the samples it takes roughly 10 days to analyze. We will provide you with a report detailing the complete findings of the whole body scan, nutritional imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, a list of resonating toxins, hormonal imbalances, and a combination of resonating remedies. Knowledge is key, but action is equally important and that is why we scan to find a customized balancing regimen for your pet utilizing natural remedies and supplements that we can provide to you, should you choose. This scan also includes a follow up phone consult to ensure you fully understand the report and will have the support through this journey of your pet achieving optimum wellness.