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If you think fleas and ticks are just a summer problem, think again. In some regions of the country, these pests are with us year-round! Here are some tips to help prevent and/or deal with pest infestations both on your pet and in your home:

Put pets that go outside on monthly flea prevention medication. One to try is Vet’s Best Spot-On Treatment, a safe alternative to chemical-based topical medications. Like all Vet’s Best products, it’s made with natural extracts such as peppermint oil and clove extract.
Use flea and tick wipes, sprays and shampoos to rid your pets of fleas and ticks. If your pets do become infested, they will be miserable – so take action quickly. Vet’s Best offers a wide range of products that kill fleas and ticks naturally.
Vacuum all areas where your pets sleep as often as possible. This will help you get rid of flea eggs. And change the vacuum bags frequently.
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Vets Best Flea Tick Home Spray 32oz Vets Best, vets best, Flea, Tick, Home, Spray
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32 fl. oz. / 945 ml. Trigger SprayKills fleas, flea eggs and ticks by contact while repelling mosquitoesGreat for home surfaces but also safe for use directly on petsNatural, non-staining formulaSafe for use on or around dogs and cats, 12 weeks or olderKey Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Clove Extract