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All Vetdiet® dry food recipes contain chicken, salmon or lamb as the first ingredient. What’s more, added antioxidants and functional ingredients help support the immune system, and aid in promoting lifelong health. All formulas are 0% wheat, corn and soy, and meet the real nutritional needs of pets by delivering visible benefits that are evident in a healthy skin and coat, optimal digestion and energy balance.

We're proud to say that we have our Health and Nutrition Advisory Board, a dedicated group of experts composed of veterinarians, board certified veterinary nutritionists, and a formulator. They are responsible for approving each Vetdiet formula, guided by our nutritional philosophy. Visit for more details.

Vetdiet Cat Treats

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Vetdiet Chicken Breast Freeze Dried Cat Treats .7oz Vetdiet, Chicken, Breast, fd, Freeze Dried, Cat Treats
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Freeze dried treats – Chicken breast Size available: 0.7 oz We all know treats enable you to reward your pet, make them happy from time to time or show them love. By following the guidelines given by our experts, you can treat your pet responsibly without compromising their health.

Vetdiet Ocean Whitefish Breast Freeze Dried Cat Treats .5oz Vetdiet, ocean, whitefish, ocean whitefish, fish, Breast, fd, Freeze Dried, Cat Treats
Price: $4.99
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Freeze dried treats – Whitefish Size available: 0.5 oz Since 1993, our nutrition experts have been developing high-quality pet food to help keep pets in tip-top health. All Vetdiet® Freeze Dried Whitefish are great as a treat, but not a substitute for a nutritious meal. These entirely natural treats contain only one ingredient: dried Whitefish. The freeze-drying process preserves all the nutrients while maximizing freshness and flavor. With less than two calories per bite, those dried...