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We took out all the high sugar, high GI carbs. That meant no corn, no wheat and just to be safe we said no ‘grain’. Next – we leaned on peas and beans as major carb sources. We can control the quality with Canadian grown products and we like the low GI scores. Finally we went to single meat proteins in almost all our foods. At BORÉAL we are trying to help you and your pets get back to basic nutrition.
Boreal Cat Food

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Boreal Chicken cat food is a grain free food using chicken as a single source novel protein. This is an everyday diet which can be used to help keep weight off your cat as well can be used as a hypoallergenic formula. Using a core of beans and peas to replace the grains found in many cat foods we also add in a herbal pack including blueberries and cranberries which improve the taste of the food as well add antioxidants with all their health benefits.