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Naked Bear ( Human ) Skin Care

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Naked Bear ( Human ) Skin Care

First, to answer the question we always get, usually accompanied with a laugh “How did you come up with the name Naked Bear?” While we obviously hope the name is easy to remember, it’s more than a pun on bare naked. In many cultures, the bear is a symbol of healing and connection to the earth and we think that perfectly represents what we are striving for. The naked comes from our commitment to only use pure “naked” ingredients in all of our products.

Living in Minnesota, a state that experiences some of the coldest, driest air in the world several months of the year, skin moisturizing products are a necessity, not an option. Unfortunately, most of the skin care options available are petroleum based, filled with toxic chemicals and, quite frankly, don’t work very well. Most of those that are safe and effective are outrageously expensive.

Striving for a non-toxic lifestyle, we decided over 20 years ago that there had to be a better alternative. After much trial and error in the kitchen we came up with a salve made from beeswax and sunflower seed oil that we could easily brew up at home and worked great. We gave jars of it to family and friends and constantly got rave reviews, and of course the “you should sell this stuff” advice. After ignoring the advice for the better part of two decades we finally decided maybe they were right and Naked Bear Naturals was born.

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