5 Cat Food Bowl Tips

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5 Cat Food Bowl Tips

Tip 1 - Food bowl depth can be important. Some cats don't like deep bowls because their sensitive whiskers may rub the sides of a deep, narrow bowl. Deeper bowls may force the cat to put his whole head into the dish too and then they can't see their environment and that can add stress. Shallow, wider bowls may be a batter choice.

Tip 2 - Bowl placement is important. Avoid putting food and water bowls near litter boxes or heavily trafficked areas, remember, many cats prefer to eat alone. Find a quiet place without distractions for your cats to dine, they'll appreciate you for the extra thoughts.

Tip 3 - House cats are not normally binge eaters and it's up to cat owners to control portion sizes. Has your cat been a finicky eater? Feeding your cats three or four very small meals a day may not be as "finicky" and are less inclined to throw up compared to cats that eat larger meals.

Tip 4 - Keep your food bowls clean. Cats have an exceptional sense of smell and stale food bits and oily residuals are appetite suppressants to most cats. Be careful about the soap you use to clean the bowls too, nothing too harsh and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Tip 5 - Avoid plastic bowls and opt for ceramic or stainless instead. Plastic bowl prices are often great, but they can develop scratches and those collect bacteria and oil and may cause cat acne, which appears in the form of black dots on your cat’s chin.

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