CORE® RawRev™ Kibble + Freeze Dried Raw

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If your dogs are like ours, you know they instinctively crave raw animal protein. If you're like us, you want to feed them the best food possible, but you may not want to do all the work. Well, we've added new products to help your dogs get what they want!

The revolutionary CORE® RawRev™ Kibble + Freeze Dried Raw recipes will give your dog the pure protein, natural enzymes and full flavor she wants and needs to thrive. The raw pieces are made with 100% pure, high quality, lean meat – no carbs and no fillers. RawRev combines these raw pieces with grain free, high protein kibble to create an incredibly tasty, nutrient-rich meal that supports whole body health, lean muscle, and a shiny coat.

Wellness does things the right way, which is not always the easy way. They thoughtfully prepare CORE RawRev themselves to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety and ensure every mealtime is packed with nourishment and joy.

CORE RawRev is available in a variety of sizes (4lb, 10lb, and 18-20lb) and three recipes:

  • ORIGINAL Deboned Turkey - Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe with Freeze-Dried Turkey
  • SMALL BREED ORIGINAL Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe with Freeze-Dried Turkey
  • WILD GAME Duck Lamb Meal, Wild Boar & Rabbit Recipe with Freeze-Dried Lamb

Welcome to the Raw Revolution!

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