Dog Winter Tips

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During the colder months, when you let your dog outside for some fresh air or go on a walk with them in the beautiful snowfall, be sure to:

  • Dress your dog in a sweater or coat to help keep them warm.
  • Use paw balms and booties to protect their feet from the cold.
  • Put dog-friendly ice melts around your stairs, driveway, and sidewalks to help protect you and your dogs from falling.
  • Keep your dog's fur dry. Limit your winter bathing so their coats retain as many natural oils as possible. When bathing your dogs, use a moisturizing shampoo made specifically for dogs to help prevent dry skin.
  • Provide high-quality food and clean water. Dogs burn more calories in cold weather to keep themselves warm. Consider feeding your dog more frequently and adding in wet food to help keep them more hydrated.
  • Walk your dog in the late morning or afternoon when temperatures should be warmer.
  • Spend time outside playing, especially when the sun is out. Use toys that don't absorb moisture quickly and stay wet after hitting the ground.
  • Give your dog a space to rest and stay warm after playing outside. Soft bedding, a dog bed, a crate out of cold drafts are all good options.

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