Is kneading normal for cats?

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Is Kneading Normal for Cats?

Kneading is normal, and your cat learned this at a very young age. When newborn kittens nurse, they rhythmically press their paws against their mother's chest to help stimulate milk flow and move fur out of the way. Many cats keep this up well after they've been weaned, transferring the behavior to other soft surfaces life blankets, pillows and even their people.

Kneading indicates relaxed contentment. Have you noticed when cats paw at a blanket or other soft item, they also purr intensely? This behavior mimics the kneading (treading) motion they once associated with food arriving in a warm, comforting fashion. When your cat decides your lap is a suitable location, you may notice your cat kneading on your body. Think of that as a cat compliment.

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