What should I bring on a trip with my dog?

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Supplies for the Road Trip with Your Dog

Knowing what to bring on your adventure will make the trip much simpler! Each dog will have individual needs, but this list should help you get started traveling on the right foot.

  • Leash, collar, harness with up-to-date ID tags
  • Food and water (Tip: Now is not the time to try a new diet!)
  • Waste / Poop bags (Tip: Teach your dog to go to the bathroom on a variety of surfaces starting a month before you travel. It's important for your dog to know how to go to the bathroom on surfaces other than grass.)
  • Dog beds and blankets
  • Veterinary records and any required vaccination certificates
  • Toys (new and old) to keep your dog entertained
  • A recent photo of your dog - ideally a headshot and a body shot so you dog is identifiable if needed. 
  • Medications, flea and tick supplies, supplements.
  • Treats for rewards and to use when your dog goes into the dog crate
  • Collapsible bowls or stackable stainless steel bowls (Tip: If your dog hasn't tried collapsible bowls, practice for a week or two before traveling.)
  • A travel crate to keep your dog safe in the vehicle.

Rest Stops Are Good for You and Your Dog

Getting out of the car and moving is essential to keep your trip running smoothly. Depending on your travel companions and your pets, you may stop as frequently as every 2-hours, or if it works for all the travelers, every 4-hours for a 15- to 30-minute break for leg stretching and bathroom breaks. Try and keep your dog's ravel feeding and walking schedule close to what they're acclimated to at home to keep things moving smoothly.

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