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What are DogRocks?

Dog Rocks® are a product mined in Australia that helps prevent those nasty yellow urine burn stains appearing on your lawn. Dog Rocks® have been laboratory tested and is safe for your pet(s).
Dog Rocks

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Dog Rocks - Stop Urine Stains  dog rocks,
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Dog Rocks

By simply placing contents of Dog Rocks packet into your pet’s water bowl and filling it with no more than 2 litres of water your lawns will start to look greener and fresher.Dog Rocks hold special properties that helps your loving pet fertilize your lawn, not destroy it. Dog Rocks have been laboratory tested and are safe for your pets.PRODUCT DETAILS - Paramagnetic Igneous RockDog Rocks increase the properties of Boron, Barium, Manganese and Strontium while decreasing Tin levels in the...