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Introducing Lifetime Dog and Cat Foods

by | Wednesday, October 2, 2019 |

We’re happy to introduce a new collection of dry foods from Canadian Brand Lifetime Pet Food. This line is a great foundation food for budget conscious pet owners wanting a high quality food.  Brand Highlights: A brand leader in the Canadian MarketAnimal nutrition = company prioritySteering towards a sustainable futureIntegrity, transparency & value35-year-old company Product Highlights: Made in Ontario, CanadaLocally sourced Ontario ingredientsPremium pet food, unbeatable...

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June is Audiobook Appreciation Month

by | Friday, May 31, 2019 |

Audiobook sales have surged over the last 15 years as smartphones made downloads as simple as the tap of a finger. We've provided some suggestions on books for you to enjoy during Audiobook Appreciation Month. (All information on the books is from AudioBooks) A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans Written By: W. Bruce Cameron Narrated By: William Dufris Publisher: Macmillan Audio Date: January 2017 Duration: 8 hours 10 minutes Summary: A Dog's Purpose-the #1 New York Times bestseller-is...

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5 Cat Food Bowl Tips

by | Tuesday, May 21, 2019 |

5 Cat Food Bowl Tips Tip 1 - Food bowl depth can be important. Some cats don't like deep bowls because their sensitive whiskers may rub the sides of a deep, narrow bowl. Deeper bowls may force the cat to put his whole head into the dish too and then they can't see their environment and that can add stress. Shallow, wider bowls may be a batter choice. Tip 2 - Bowl placement is important. Avoid putting food and water bowls near litter boxes or heavily trafficked areas, remember, many cats prefer...

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It's Bulldogs are Beautiful Day!

by | Sunday, April 21, 2019 |

Temperament: Friendly, Courageous, CalmAKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 4 of 193Height: 14-15 inchesWeight: 50 pounds (male), 40 pounds (female)Life Expectancy: 8-10 years Kind but courageous, friendly but dignified, the Bulldog is a thick-set, low-slung, well-muscled bruiser whose “sourmug” face is the universal symbol of courage and tenacity. These docile, loyal companions adapt well to town or country. About the Bulldog You can’t mistake a Bulldog for any other breed. The loose skin of the head,...

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