Chocolate: how much is dangerous to your dog

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Labrador retriever Ella by Kathleen Riley
Labrador retriever Ella by Kathleen Riley

For dogs, the smell of chocolate is almost as tempting as a big, thick, juicy steak. That temptation is exactly why your dog may rip into your bags of Halloween, Easter or other candy.

Even though your dog loves chocolate, it isn’t good for your dog. Chocolate is processed from the bitter seeds of the cacao tree, which contain compounds known as methylxanthines. Methylxanthines contain caffeine and a related chemical called theobromine. Both are stimulants that can raise your dog’s heart rate — occasionally to the point of being fatal. Fortunately, most dogs who overdose on chocolate just get an upset stomach which may be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. (If your dog gets into chocolate, call your veterinarian or poison control hotline immediately for professional advice.)

The amount of chocolate that can cause death depends on your dog’s size and the kind of chocolate he steals. Remember the following information is meant to be used as a guideline, your particular situation may vary. As usual, contact your veterinarian or poison control hotline immediately for professional advice.

Baking chocolate: one-half-ounce to one-ounce can cause death in small breeds; for medium breeds, the amount is two-ounces to three-ounces; in large dogs, the amount is four-ounces to eight-ounces.

Milk chocolate: four-ounces to ten-ounces can cause death in small dogs; one-pound to one-and-one-half-pounds in medium size dogs; two-pounds to four-and-one-half-pounds in large dogs.

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