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Bandit the Labrador at the Dubuque railroad Bridge by Kathleen Riley

Bandit the Labrador at the Dubuque railroad Bridge by Kathleen Riley

What do you do during the holiday season when your companion isn’t able to travel with you? You may prefer a family member, friend or pet sitter look after your pets, but sometimes that isn’t as simple as you might hope. If that is the case, you’ll want to look at boarding facilities in your area. The thought of boarding your dog may make you nervous, but there are options that will fit your needs and here are some tips to help you find the right fir for you and your pet.

Get Recommendations. Does your veterinarian, groomer or pet-owning friends have a place they like to use? Ask around and see if there is a pattern to good, or not so good locations.

Tour the Facility. Go and check out the facility before committing to boarding your pet there. Ask to see everything and pay particular attention to the sleeping quarters. If the dogs are let outside for exercise, investigate the enclosure for safety, cleanliness and maintenance. How is the temperature in the building? Is it similar to your home? Will your pet be comfortable? Are there any unpleasant odors? Is the facility clean and organized? Do the animals in the facility seem comfortable?

Licenses. If your state requires kennels to pass regular inspections, the license / documents should be posted in a prominent space. Does the kennel belong to a professional organization like the Pet Care Services Organization? They have guidelines and standards for care.

Check up on the Facility. Start at the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints filed against them or if there is bad press about them. Once you have finished looking there, do a search of the business name and see if there are reviews or complaints online about them.

Ask Questions. What records do they require on your dogs? What is the feeding schedule? What are their policies on administering medications? Are their individual runs or group turnouts? Does your dog get walked daily and is that an extra fee? What happens if your dog needs medical attention?

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