Coat Care – let’s groom tonight

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Coat Care – let’s groom tonight

Chinook dogs iPhone image by Riley

Chinook dogs iPhone image by Riley

Just like people, regular combing and brushing is a must for many dogs and cats. Brushing works well for our shorter-coated companions, but for the super thick furred, a comb or sturdy metal-toothed slicker brush is about the only thing that will get down to the skin and pull out the dead hair. You’ll want to be extra attentive about grooming in the high shedding seasons of spring and fall.

Hairballs and Mats, oh my! Longhaired cats are more likely to get hairballs, and without regular grooming, they often become matted too, especially behind the ears and around the tummy and back end. Longhaired cats aren’t the only victims of matting, longhaired dogs get mats too. Mats begin innocently enough as tiny tangles, but from there, they tend to rapidly and can become a huge problem. Large mats grow and then tighten up, pulling on the skin which is really uncomfortable for your pet because the mats pull when the animal moves, and it probably doesn’t feel that great when they are resting either. Some mats can get bad enough that they tear the underlying skin and can cause open wounds that eventually lead to an infection.

Your first thought might be to take the mats off using a scissors, but that isn’t the best approach because you might accidentally cut the skin. If you are working on a heavily matted cat or dog, the mats probably should be removed using a grooming clippers or perhaps even better would be to pay a professional groomer or in severe cases you may need to visit your veterinarian’s office. Off course like most things, prevention with regular inspections and combing is the best management tool.   

Shorter coated breeds of dogs and cats benefit from regular brushing, and that regular grooming will keep lots of hair off your clothes, furniture and floors too. Regular grooming is good for bonding and gives you an opportunity to check out your pets overall health. If you look at your pet regularly, lots of health concerns like fleas, ticks, and abnormal lumps or bumps on or under the skin can be discovered early for better health care management.

Check out some of our grooming supplies and remember if there is something you want us to carry, just ask! 

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