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Today we're meeting the folks at Canidae Pet Foods. This information provided from Canidae. 

CANIDAE® Natural Pet Food Company started out as a family owned company, and we still are today. We're one of the last, true independent companies making pet food—and we will continue to be. From the first truckload of pet food we delivered from the back of our pick-up trucks, to the latest batch cooked up in our Ethos Pet Nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas—our story is one we're proud of.

We're excited to share our story with you. How we started out from humble beginnings. Our commitment to quality in our ingredients. And our absolute promise that what we say is in the bag, is exactly what's in it. Find out more about CANIDAE® and our commitment when you watch our new True Story video.

We started out as pioneers in the pet food industry with one goal in mind: Make the best pet food possible. We've been doing that now for 18 years. And we'll keep on doing it, one bag at a time.

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