The Bil-Jac Dog Food Difference

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Welcome Bil-Jac® Super Premium Dog Food and Dog Treats to the family!

Bil-Jac® is dedicated to making the most nutritious and best tasting dog food possible for one of the most important members of your family! Bil-Jac® uses 25 lbs. of real chicken to make a 30 lb. bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food. (The same ratio goes for our smaller bags too!)

About Bil-Jac® And Our Super Premium Dog Food

Best friends help each other ... And so does family. That’s why there’s Bil-Jac. We are a family brand making the best dog food possible for one of the most important members of your family.

Bil-Jac® Nutritional Philosophy

We have never added wheat gluten meal, corn gluten meal, rice gluten, or protein concentrate to any of our formulas. Our primary source of protein nutrition is real chicken, because your dog evolved as a carnivore. Your dog's nutrition is optimized when fed a diet where the protein is derived primarily from fresh ingredients. While real chicken protein is a more expensive ingredient, we know it's what your dog was evolved to thrive on. 

You Can Trust Bil-Jac® For: High Quality Protein

  • Primary protein sources are real chicken and real chicken organs. 
  • No corn gluten meal, no wheat gluten meal, no rice protein concentrate, no less expensive proteins to attain label guarantees.

Natural Fat Sources

  • Real chicken provides a natural source of fat. 
  • No sprayed-on rendered fat (check our ingredient list, no fat added).

High Quality Carbohydrates (no fillers)

  • Finely grown corn meal is slowly cooked for over 40 minutes (not flash-cooked by conventional extrusion). 
  • Slow-cooking process helps make carbohydrates more digestible. 
  • Research shows corn fed to dogs produces a lower glycemic index than certain carbohydrates, including rice.

Exclusive Nutrient Protection Technology

  • Precise pasteurization process. 
  • Gentle moisture removal (vacuum drying) to help avoid heat damage to essential amino acids. 
  •  Great taste, easy to digest.
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