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All cats are evolved as carnivores, adapted to thrive on a varied diet of fresh whole meat.

That’s why Orijen treats are made with 100% pure and natural meats and nothing else — so you can indulge and nourish your dog at the same time.

Made without cooking or preservatives, we gently freeze-dry our Orijen treats to lock in all of the natural goodness and amazing flavors of our fresh and regional ingredients in a reward your cat will love you for — we guarantee it!
ORIJEN Freeze Dried Cat Treat

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ORIJEN Cat Treats Original Freeze Dried 1.25oz  Orijen, Cat, Treats, Original, Freeze Dried
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BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE™ FREEZE-DRIED CAT TREATSMADE WITH FRESH FREE-RUN CHICKEN AND TURKEY, PLUS WILD-CAUGHT MONKFISHDELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS, OUR FRESH POULTRY AND FISH ARE GENTLY FREEZE-DRIED, CONCENTRATING THEIR NATURAL FLAVORS INTO A TREAT YOUR CAT WILL LOVE. 100% meat, 100% natural. Our meats are delivered daily FRESH (refrigerated, without preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, without preservatives), then gently freeze-dried.Nutrient-dense WholePrey™ ratios of fresh poultry, organs and...