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Living in Minnesota, a state that experiences some of the coldest, driest air in the world several months of the year, skin moisturizing products are a necessity, not an option. Unfortunately, most of the skin care options available are petroleum based, filled with toxic chemicals and, quite frankly, don’t work very well. Most of those that are safe and effective are outrageously expensive.

Striving for a non-toxic lifestyle, we decided over 20 years ago that there had to be a better alternative. After much trial and error in the kitchen we came up with a salve made from beeswax and sunflower seed oil that we could easily brew up at home and worked great.

Natural Hound Balm

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Natural Hound Nose Balm 2oz Tin Natural Hound Nose Balm, naked bear, skin care, natural
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Natural Hound Nose Balm A Synergistic Blend of Carefully Selected all Natural Waxes and Oils Soothes and Heals Dry Noses, Hot Spots and Calloused Elbows All dogs can suffer from dry noses. Cold temperatures, sun, wind and dry indoor air can all dry out your dog’s nose Some short nosed breeds are more prone to develop dry noses. Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Pugs are among the breeds more likely to suffer dry noses. Natural Hound Nose brings quick relief! All ingredients used in Natural...

Natural Hound Paw Balm 2oz Tin Natural Hound paw Balm, naked bear, skin care, natural, paw
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Natural Hound Paw Balm Heals, Soothes and Protects Your dog’s paws take a beating! Rough, hot sidewalks and streets, ice and snow, rough terrain – they all take a toll on paws. Natural Hound Paw Balm heals, soothes and protects hard working paws. A carefully formulated blend of natural waxes and moisturizing oils heal and soothe rough, cracked paws and form a protective barrier against the elements. Heals & Soothes Paw Pads, eliminating cracked, rough and peeling skin. Absorbs Quickly....